Transforming at this Crucial Moment in History: Part 7

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The very survival of our democracy and country is at stake.  Humanity has violated all Seven Principles.  Now, we are facing a great divide of values in our country.  Will we continue down the path expressing fear and crea... [Read More]

Transforming through the Blueprint, Heart Coherency and Harmony: Part 6

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The Seven Principles—the Phoenician Blueprint—were interconnected and created an electromagnetic energy field where everyone was on the same wavelength.   Even though they lived on three different continents in many... [Read More]

Transforming by Embracing the Seven Principles: Part 5

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What can we learn from the Phoenicians during this transformative moment in history? How can the Phoenician principles address the current crisis, two different worldviews, transformation and morality? Even though the Phoenicians liv... [Read More]

Transforming through Progressive and Conservative Worldviews: Part 4

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George Lakoff, a neuroscience and linguistic professor, studied our nation and lays out the difference in values in two contrasting family models.  There is a vast split in our nation between the conservative and progressive values... [Read More]

Transforming through the Crisis Cycle of History: Part 3

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During the political campaign in the spring of 2016, I thought about how we were in the midst of a crisis cycle of history.  I could feel the crisis accelerating.  The election provided me with a bigger picture of where we were... [Read More]