Phoenicians Are a Beacon of Light

Posted by: Rita George on April 15, 2014

Humanity is at a crossroads living between two markedly different worlds.  We can choose to stay the present course and witness one crisis after another—economic collapse, ecological disaster, governmental mismanagement, high unemployment and inequality between the rich and middle class—devastating people’s lives without seeing a solution to resolve the crises.   We can choose to observe our politicians careening out of control, demonstrating a lack of integrity on many fronts and feel helpless and powerless.  We can choose to observe how millions of people have dreams to create a better life for themselves and their families and see how this opportunity is not within their reach; their dreams are being crushed because of greed, corruption, injustice and war and feelings of  hopelessness.


Or, we can choose to transform and adapt principles which governed ancient cultures successfully for thousands of years.  Many ancient cultures from the Middle East to the Near and Far East lived peaceful, harmonious lives and chose life affirming values that guided the development of their society. I am going to share the story of only one such society—the Phoenicians—who left the world an earthshaking legacy, a visionary model for the governance of any society.   In ancient times, they were a beacon of light in demonstrating how to create peaceful co-existence and how to facilitate individuals realizing their potential and leading meaningful and fulfilling lives. 


The Phoenicians were guided by Seven Principles which shaped the minds, character and personalities of people in their society.  These practices and qualities have been passed down from one generation to another and were hardwired into the DNA of the Phoenicians.  Many of the Lebanese around the world, who are their direct descendants, still embody the social and cultural behaviors of their ancestors.


While discussing each of the principles, I will weave in revolutionary new understandings from the research of cutting edge physics, social psychology, neuro and evolutionary science, sociology and biology that demonstrates why these Seven Principles—the Phoenician Blueprint—are an integrated system for creating a healthy, peaceful, harmonious, and prosperous society.  The Blueprint was an integrative economic and social justice model where life, freedom, fairness, and caring about others and where commitment to faith, family and relationships, was the driving force that allowed them to create astounding results for thousands of years.


The Phoenicians were a beacon of light in ancient times. They paved the way for modern day humanity to rise out of the ashes of destruction and birth a new world.  Ancient civilizations recognized the Legend of Phoenix Rising as the story of the Phoenicians and they are providing us with the Blueprint to transform and rise again.


This is the second article in a series on the Ancient Wisdom of the Phoenicians.  Article 3 is: The Phoenician Blueprint and Heart Coherency.



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