Politicians Can Learn How to Govern and Create Change from Ancient Wisdom--Part II

Posted by: Rita George on March 16, 2016

The Phoenicians’ governance model was revolutionary and was practiced by every member of their society who lived on three different continents. The way they applied the Seven Principles—the Phoenician Blueprint—was through an evolutionary process.  By that I mean how they applied these principles to their day to day practices, e.g. every member of their society thinking, feeling and acting in accordance with these seven principles day in and day out.  The Phoenicians created a sustainable momentum that built the most peaceful and prosperous society in ancient times while protecting themselves from their warlike neighbors and other negative energy fields. Together they created a reality that was beneficial from one generation to another. Year and year and century after century, they implemented a process of gradual and peaceful social, political, cultural, artistic, and economic advances.  This was unique because they lived unlike any other society in ancient times.

Each of the seven principles individually created harmony rather than conflict in their society.  Harmony is the key ingredient to developing both a peaceful and prosperous society.  Even more important was the interconnectedness of the principles—the Blueprint created a heart coherent energy field which kept them connected to each other and to their trading partners regardless of where people lived.  The Blueprint operated as the heart of the Phoenician soul, the glue for creating a cohesive, unified electromagnetic energy field. 

Actually, in modern day terms, the Phoenicians were one big social network all wired together across three continents through the Seven Principles.  All members of their society were on the same wavelength—this was the source of their personal power, their ability to survive, thrive and flourish peacefully for 3,000 years.

Gradually, they would expand their trading venture throughout the Aegean Sea, the Eastern and Western Mediterranean and the Atlantic Coast.  Other revolutionary ideas included:  1) designing and building massive boats; 2) cultivating innovative trading practices; 3) creating the alphabet; 4) discovering other cultures through celestial navigation; 5) developing a democracy; 6) to changing the way people worked and lived.  Overnight prosperity was a way of life for many of their trading partners. 

With every revolutionary idea, an evolutionary process of gradual change would be applied in their day to day operation until the very fabric of their social, economic, cultural and technological way of life was improved century after century.

If you think about each of seven principles, you will see that each creates harmony not conflict.   The Blueprint brought all people together to work in harmony in every aspect of life.  Religion, race, gender, and fear, which are used today by politicians to divide people, were neutralized by the Blueprint. 

When all the principles are combined, they are a potent, powerful, political and social change force.  This potent force allows humanity to create a new civilization with the qualities of unity and alignment, collaboration and common identity and purpose, peace and generosity, gratitude and appreciation, caring and sharing, fairness, kindness and empathy, and modesty and humility. 

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are aligned with these qualities and principles.  If millions were linked together through social media and social networks, we would—through our thoughts and emotions as the creative forces—gradually change the world.  Both revolutionary and evolutionary means are pointing us toward creating a new world where all people can experience peace and prosperity through heart coherency.

When someone thinks outside the box and envisions a revolutionary idea, that idea can change the course of history and mankind can evolve in consciousness.   Everything is interconnected.  Humans and nature is interdependent.  Our future reality is unlimited; but it is linked to our individual and collective ability to be ‘for’ rather than ‘against’ something.  Thinking big and exploring new possibilities will call forth the ability of mankind to unify and to survive, thrive, and flourish.

The more individuals focus on the revolutionary idea of integrating the Phoenician Blueprint into the fabric of everyday life, the stronger this vision will become and the realization of this truth will multiply, until it is ingrained in the neural circuitry of our brains and becomes a normal way of life.  The benefits are unlimited!