Revolutionary Science

Emotions are Creative Forces Which Impact the Outcome of Our Lives

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Co-operation, acceptance, harmony, appreciation, tolerance plus other emotions are vibrating energies which have a positive impact on our individual, family, and community lives.  When expressed, these energies create heart coherenc... [Read More]

Science and The Seventh Principle: Privacy in both their Personal & Professional Affairs

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The Phoenicians cultivated harmony within their community and developed harmonious relationships with all people around them, instead of bragging about their achievements and wealth.  This cultivation prepared them to deal with the... [Read More]

Science and The Sixth Principle: Equality

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A more solid foundation of heart coherence and heart connection to others builds with each principle until we value and express all the qualities of the Phoenician soul—cooperation, collaboration, creativity, harmony, life, freedom... [Read More]

Science and The Fifth Principle: Respect for Women

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Many ancient societies did not elevate men over women or Mother Earth.  The Phoenicians’ deep reverence for Mother Nature extended to women so their power to create was as valued as men’s power. Women were partners in th... [Read More]

Science and The Fourth Principle: Religious Tolerance

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People who lived close to nature understood the spiritual existence of all things.   Mother Nature was a life giving force and the source of all things to the Phoenicians.  Like many ancient societies, they worshiped the G... [Read More]

Science and The Third Principle: Creating Peaceful Resolution of Differences

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Over a period of 3000 years, the Phoenicians excelled in using negotiation and diplomacy to defuse confrontation instead of going to war. They were not interested in struggling, fighting or conquering others since they valued freedom, fa... [Read More]

Science and The Second Principle: Partnership among Themselves and with Others

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  Lynne McTaggert, whose work bridges science and spirituality, describes in her book The Bond:  Connecting Through the Space Between Us how the impulse to belong, agree, give and take turns is the key to connection. ... [Read More]

Science and The First Principle: International Trade

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The Phoenicians developed a highly successful trading venture in the Eastern and Western Mediterranean for thousands of years.  To understand their continued success for 3000 years, we need to  understand how the mind works and... [Read More]

Synchronicity of History, Neuroscience, Genetics and Network Science

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Is it just a coincidence that the revolutionary historical, neuroscientific, genetic and social network discoveries converged within the last few decades to validate ancient wisdom.  I think not.  Carl Jung, the Swiss Psycholog... [Read More]

Revolutionary Science Validates Ancient Wisdom

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We are living in a time when science has validated ancient wisdom.  Revolutionary new understanding is emerging from the research of cutting edge science and these discoveries are exposing old paradigm thinking as being obsolete.&nb... [Read More]