The Blueprint is a Vision for Success

Posted by: Rita George on May 19, 2014

We can see that the Phoenicians had a moral code by which they led their lives.  They created an economic and social justice model where they valued life, freedom, fairness, and caring about others and were highly committed to their faith, family and relationships.  They became highly independent, resilient, determined, generous and gracious.  We still see these qualities instilled in the Lebanese today regardless of where they live.


Clearly, the Phoenicians had a Blueprint for success.  They were men and women with Vision—men and women who did not allow fear to run their lives.   It doesn’t mean that they didn’t have fear; it just wasn’t an obstacle to expanding international trade or traveling on the high seas without maps and navigation tools. 


Vision allowed them to take extraordinary risks and to succeed.   Vision trumps fear.  When we focus on achieving a vision, we do not operate out of fearful memory files.  Instead, we leave fear behind and it allows innate wisdom to guide our daily life.


Vision allowed the Phoenicians to move forward with a sense of adventure into the unknown with the deep inner knowing that they could achieve something that had not been done before.


Vision connected the Phoenicians on an emotional and spiritual level.  It provided them with purpose and meaning, to work together to achieve a common goal, and to feel good about themselves and others.


Vision instilled in the Phoenicians the ability to be pro-active and respond to life from a place of love and wisdom rather than react from fear and anger.


This is the twelfth article in a series on the Ancient Wisdom of the Phoenicians.  Article 13 is The Phoenician Soul and a Shift in Consciousness.



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