The Phoenician Blueprint and Heart Coherency

Posted by: Rita George on April 16, 2014

The Phoenicians survived, thrived and flourished because they avoided conflict, resolved conflict and lived in peace for over 3000 years.  They were totally unique because they were prosperous while holding unwaveringly to peaceful beliefs.  How did they achieve this?


David Bohm, the noted physicist, believed our thoughts were part of a unified field and that the crises of modern day society result from the way people think.   Quantum physics has demonstrated that our individual and collective thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions create the outer world.  For example, conflict and violence is in our minds and these thoughts can lead to war; peace is in our hearts and this leads to creating harmonious relationships.  The Phoenicians were aware of this wisdom.  I believe Emotional and Heart Intelligence—EQ and HQ—facilitated the development of one of the most successful societies in ancient times and this same model is relevant in modern times.  


The Phoenicians created a cohesive Blueprint that held their society together like glue even though they lived in various cities and colonies throughout the Eastern and Western Mediterranean.  Peace and prosperity graced them for two reasons.  First, they passed on the Blueprint from one generation to another, century after century, through their genes and the Blueprint was reinforced in their culture.  Second, they created a heart coherent visionary model for governance of their society.  This model was based upon what modern science calls “heart intelligence” and a coherent culture of shared meaning and shared identity that bonded people together.  This heart connection was with people within and outside their society.  I believe this is what led their society to success for 3000 years until Carthage violated two of the Seven Principles.


Today, we are a culture who has lost our connection to heart.  If we are to survive, thrive, and flourish in the future, we have no other choice then to transform and adopt the wisdom of the ancients.   Prior to providing an overview of each of the Seven Principles and how revolutionary science demonstrates their effectiveness, let’s look at why we haven’t heard of this visionary Blueprint.


This is the third article in a series on the Ancient Wisdom of the Phoenicians.  Article 4 is: Phoenician Heritage and Synchronicity of History and Science.



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