Transforming at this Crucial Moment in History: Part 7

Posted by: Rita George on March 29, 2017

The very survival of our democracy and country is at stake.  Humanity has violated all Seven Principles.  Now, we are facing a great divide of values in our country.  Will we continue down the path expressing fear and creating increased destruction, war, and violence, or will we connect with others through empathy and compassion and create peace.

How can each of us survive, thrive and flourish during the crisis since this cycle may not be resolved for another decade.         

We need to decide who we want to become and how do we want to lead our lives.  Our individual and collective thoughts create reality. Our thoughts are powerful.  If we focus on fear and what is wrong, we only increase the very reality we are opposing.  It is imperative that we focus on love, compassion and connection and, what is working—the possibilities are limitless regarding what we can create when we do.  Kahlil Gibran, the Lebanese artist, writer, and philosopher, said in his book The Prophet, “The self is a sea boundless and measureless” and we are.

What 6 Action Steps can we implement to Create Harmony! You may already be acting on one or all of them unconsciously.  Once we have clear intent, focus our attention, and act on these steps consciously, the transformational results are far more powerful.

  1. Be ‘for’ not ‘against’ something.  Vision trumps Fear.  Being ‘Against’ something leads to fear and conflict.  Being ‘For’ something leads to love and harmony.   The Women’s March was ‘for’ something:  millions of women, men, girls and boys globally stood in their power for Human Rights, Equality and Respect and Dignity for all People.  Resistance Marches and Movements ‘against’ Trump, various issues, and the Republicans create the opposite of the world you want to live in.  How you frame an issue is everything! Framing programs and reinforces the neuro circuitry in our brains and people vote their worldview or values which are locked into our neural pathways. 
  2. Defend your Values:  Follow the Phoenicians:  protect, defend, and live your Values.  Constantly envision, embrace, and express the world you want to live in—a life sustaining and affirming one.  
  3. Be Pro-Active and Vigilant in Creating that World:  Make a decision that will have deeper meaning during this historic transformative moment.  How will you make a difference during the crisis?  What are you going to do to protect your children and grandchildren’s legacy?   
  4. Transform your Life:  Commit to embrace each of the Seven Principles in your personal, business and community lives.  Re-wire your brains until you express these principles consistently.  Take a stand every day in every situation for these values.  The Seven Practices lead to expressing love rather than fear and are the solution for restoring balance, harmony and democracy.
  5. Join a Community of Kindred Souls:   Surround yourself with people who are on the same wavelength whether a spiritual, religious, community or political group.  When you create heart and social coherency, you experience harmony in your daily life.  Remember, the collective consciousness has enormous power, especially when resonating in harmony.
  6. Be Part of Something Bigger than Yourself:  Create a Global Social Network:  Imagine the possibility if 1 billion people living on 7 different continents and in thousands of cities were wired and linked together through the Seven Practices?  The Phoenicians achieved Peace, Partnership and Prosperity for all People and we can achieve this for our children and grandchildren within a few generations. 

In the past enlightening ideas, products and services have been embedded in the culture and are recognized as mainstream ideas within two generations. It is imperative that we reach out to children and youth to promote the Blueprint.

The Phoenix will rise.  We will transform and experience the death of the old and the rebirth of the new and express a higher level of awareness at the end of the present crisis cycle.

At this choice point in history, in this transformative moment, become a beacon of light, a model for leadership in your family, community, business and the world.  

Be a Bridge for Peace, Partnership and Prosperity for All People.

Join the Phoenician Blueprint community to collaborate with other kindred souls who are committed to peace, partnership, and prosperity for all people.