Transforming by Understanding Science and Expressing Wisdom: Part 2

Posted by: Rita George on February 22, 2017

In 2012, I read an article on how modern day science had validated ancient wisdom.  When I read Lynne Mc Taggert’s book, The Bond, I discovered that ancient Phoenician wisdom had been validated by quantum, biological, and social science.  Many of the qualities of this ancient wisdom—from Acceptance, Unity, Alignment, Collaboration, Peace, Generosity, Respect for Women and People of all Races, Cultures and Religions, Empathy, Fairness and Humility—were our basic biological instinct. 

If we practiced or expressed the opposite of these qualities; for example, Fear, Judgment of Others, Inequality, Polarization, Win-Lose, Control and Manipulation, then we were opposed to our human nature and out of balance.  We had been conditioned over a period of time to deny our wiser, awakened and conscious selves.  The neuro circuitry in our brains had been reprogrammed to create adversarial destructive relationships vs. synergistic, life sustaining and affirming results.

With this new insight, I realized that humanity had violated all Seven Principles and the consequences were devastating for our future survival.  Our present day practices were mirroring extinct ancient warlike societies.

On a personal note, I realized that I needed to transform the neuro circuitry in my own brain to embrace the ancient Phoenician wisdom at a much deeper level than I was practicing; for example, removing all conflict and living in harmony with myself and others. I was passionate and enthusiastic about discovering more about the Phoenicians and their culture and the implications for the today’s world.

At this point, I established and began blogging on-line about the Seven Principles—which I refer to as the Phoenician Blueprint.  The Principles, which I will discuss in more detail, are:  International Trade, Partnership, Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts, Religious Tolerance, Respect all Women, Equality, and Privacy.  There are over 60 articles on history, culture, science, transformation and community on the website.  The Phoenician Blueprint now has non-profit status and is engaging others to join this Cultural Revolution.

Over the last three years, while writing and speaking about this ancient culture, I continued to wonder about the relevancy in today’s world and, so did others?  I still didn’t have an answer, but I trusted in my journey.  And, I had a much deeper appreciation for the Phoenicians and their ability to sustain a culture of peace, partnership and prosperity for all people for 3,000 years.  Transforming during the Crisis Cycle of History:  Part 3