Transforming through the Blueprint, Heart Coherency and Harmony: Part 6

Posted by: Rita George on March 22, 2017

The Seven Principles—the Phoenician Blueprint—were interconnected and created an electromagnetic energy field where everyone was on the same wavelength.   Even though they lived on three different continents in many cities, they were wired together like one huge social network.   Modern heart science has discovered how we can achieve this today.

Living in harmony, they experienced a deep connection to each other, other people and Mother Earth.  Believing that Mother Nature and humans were interconnected, they were in a partnership with their Divine Nature—expressing pure conscious energy and their loving spiritual nature.   

This collective, cohesive, harmonious energy protected them from other cultures’ destructive ways and it allowed them to hear the drumbeat of war prior to being attacked.  Their deep heart connection to the cosmos, the stars, the sea and the forests permeated every cell in their bodies.   Expressing harmony collectively and being a beacon of light for peace, partnership and prosperity became second nature and was hardwired in the neuro pathways of their brains.

Even though I knew the Blueprint was a powerful, profound and peaceful energy and the glue that held their society together, I finally understood a larger truth.  If you remove one principle, conflict arises.  Violate two principles, conflict amplifies even more.  Violate three or more principles, conflict accelerates and the survival of the society is at stake.  All Seven Principles were interconnected and they created harmony. 

Another piece of the puzzle fell into place on my journey, when I heard an interview from the head of research for Heart Math Institute.  Heart Math discovered that our heart is an electromagnetic field that broadcasts an energy frequency that moves back and forth between people.  When our heart, mind and spirit are aligned, we create heart coherency. We extend this harmony to others and create social coherency.

At this point on my journey, I really focused on becoming more patient, being more present in the moment and being in harmony with self and others daily.  In a moment of inspiration, I thought the Blueprint operates as the Heart of the Phoenician soul.

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