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Votive-gilded-bronze-statuettes Phoenician Blue Print, Rita George, Phoenician CommunityAs we launch Phoenician Blueprint, during this most crucial time in history, our vision is to build a global Community where collaboration, creativity, co-operation, connection and collective action are a way of life.  Following in the footsteps of the ancients will be easy and effortless if millions of kindred spirits create a unified force field that connects us and if we work together to create a peaceful, prosperous world.


Phoencian Blueprint Global Community, Rita GeorgeAs a member of the Community, you will be creating a heart coherent energy field along with a culture of shared meaning and shared identity that can bond you together with other kindred spirits in a powerful social network.

By connecting thousands, and then millions, of people globally, we can both individually and collectively move to a higher level of consciousness and have a profound impact on using ancient wisdom to transform the world.  


Follow the Expansion

Follow the expansion of the Community on the Phoenician Map.  We will be able to see where Phoenician communities and hubs are forming and building momentum globally.


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As part of our Community you can send us your personal stories, and read the stories of others on our Community blog pages.


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